⭐⭐⭐7.5 / 10 Review by Lyrical Spell Magazine

After a successful debut with the single “Crying of the Sun” in 2015, and the well-received EP “Fallen Angel in the Hell” (2016), Bulgarian symphonic metal band Metalwings have independently released their first full-length album, “For All Beyond” on April 19. Fronted by classically trained vocalist Stela Atanasova, the band’s career has been on a steady rise, being more and more popular on the European metal scene. And this album will definitely help them solidify their status as a solid up-and-coming symphonic metal band.

For those of you who have already checked out the aforementioned single and the EP, or the recently released “There’s no time”, know the band’s sounds pretty well. For the rest, let me paint a picture: imagine an angelic voice comparable to Sharon den Adel, coupled with electronic viola, Irish flutes, powerful guitars, some well-placed male vocals, plus all the charm of the genre, and you’ll get a sense of what Metalwings are all about. And this is a very unique combination that seems to work perfectly for this Bulgarian band, as it creates a mysterious, borderline gothic atmosphere to certain songs, that will definitely set them apart from the rest.

“For All Beyond” is a good addition to the symphonic metal catalogue, and Bulgarians should be very proud of Metalwings, as they have put Bulgaria on the metal map, and I really do hope that other bands will join them soon. Until then, enjoy “For All Beyond”!

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