⭐⭐⭐10/10⭐⭐⭐Review made by Tatianny Ruiz from Metal-Temple!

Here I am to evaluate a work within a strand that rarely integrates my auditions but not for lack of quality.  The reason is totally the opposite, or the lack of custom, or because many bands sound very similar to each other. It is always a difficulty in seeing big differences, but as a good music lover I find such an album so dazzling and so deliciously immersed in Classical music and subtle cultural references that it is always phenomenal, so the challenge is accepted. Today’s talk is about Sofia METALWINGS‘s Bulgarian band and their long-awaited debut album “FOR ALL BEYOND” released independently but a really promising genius work.

 For those who do not remember, the band METALWINGS debuted with the EP “Fallen Angel In The Hell” in 2016 with the vocal profusion of the founder Stela Atanasova bringing up what would be something that would sound captivating enough for what we would see ahead, and here we are with the roar of “For All Beyond” that creates an enriched and captivating sound with a blend of theatrical drama and classical elegance driven by the raw force of symphonic essences and harsher, greedy lines of Metal, coupled with the classically trained voice and expressive vocal behavior of Atanasova are an interesting attraction to the listener as the sounds around her launch their own imagination.

With a delicate and at the same time enigmatic atmosphere, we pressed play for this album starting in “End Of The War” that brings a really subtle introduction while the instrumental grandeur slowly grows around and the hard beat of the battery divides the scene with violin.  Before that, the rest of the arsenal comes into action ending with an interesting feeling in lighter notes. It is very different from “Secret Town” that brings the first few minutes of a little more energy but that keeps the violins paired with melodies for the guitars. It is really interesting at this point to get to “Immortal Metal Wings” for it brings much of the mystical folklore into a seductive and at the same time, melancholic network, where the keyboards gain a very significant place before Stela brings the whole theatrical interpretation to the scene accompanied by the melody that revolves in around her as a key piece.

 I really like to view this work as an exquisite piece or almost a literary novel because that is exactly what this beautiful album represents in musical form for all its density and magnificence.  This is clear in tracks like “When We Pray” or “A Wish,” including the latter behind a rhythmic impasse that reminds me a bit of Arabic folklore which is actually very catchy alongside heavier Heavy Metal melodies, including a throbbing bass that pulsates throughout the created web that seems to follow up on “There’s No Time“, so we have a lot of emotion and feelings involved which can spark interesting feelings in the style lovers. And without a shadow of doubt, it is necessary to mention the outline of the guitars of Grigor and Krastyo that fit the sonority of its instruments like the travelers in this storm.

And I can only say that “Realm Of Dreams” becomes a great duel in this confrontation of the Classic with the Metal that gets sharper with the voice of Krastyo comes on the scene with beautiful waves that carry all the instrumentals and bring the latency of the guitars and Angel‘s really incredible work on keyboards. And as if you have all this great presentation in focus was not enough, then comes “Тъжни Сърца” and all the power of the traditional acoustic that represents in Bulgarian language rather than involving the roots of this promising band. Magical is the word that perfectly defines this delicate work and you still have the privilege of finding two bonus tracks with “Fallen Angel In The Hell” and the same one in totally instrumental version. Highlight for “There’s No Time” and “For All Beyond“.

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