⭐⭐⭐Review by Darkzen

It is a very well balanced album, with a good production and mixed, the balance I hear is quite impressive, I mean Stela’s beautiful voice and the musical combination she has, she has an excellent tempo between each note and input of the instruments, It is atmospheric yes, it is continuous, it is different in musical style between tracks but it keeps that instrumental softness very well managed, in fact Stela’s voice stands out quite a lot. A Symphonic / Goth Metal with a lot of mastery well done, the instrumental parts give it that dramatic and operatic part, suddenly we are impressed with a perfect classic power metal that gives a touch to the album of rudeness!

For symphonic metal fans with beautiful melodic voices this band is a spearhead, for moments is compared with Epica or Within Temptation for the musical mastery.

The Voice

Stela’s voice is melodically beautiful, soft, wide range and tessitura, white and clean, I hear that it can handle high notes without breaking the harmony managed, it has perfect balance, which does not fall into a sharp distorted and without rhythm, which is sometimes committed in other bands, the harmony and tessellation of Stela’s voice is the strong point of the band, I congratulate Stela!

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