⭐⭐⭐FIRST REVIEW by Undercover Rock and Metal 10/10⭐⭐⭐

We just got the first review for our upcoming album ‘A Whole New Land’ with a maximum grading. Thank you so much Thomas Stengel and Undercover Rock and Metal !!!

Here are some excerpts from the review 👇

“A Whole New Land” has become a gigantic symphonic metal epic, with huge orchestral arrangements, thundering guitar riffs and a really fat production. For me, “A Whole New Land” definitely sets a few new standards in terms of the combination of heavy metal and orchestral arrangements.

The actual size of the individual songs can hardly be described in words. You just have to hear it to recognize what Stela Atanasova has created here together with her colleagues. I’ve heard the album 15 times before I dared write something about it, and I’m still sure that I haven’t discovered every detail by far. Each song in itself is a small work of art! One thing is very clear. “A Whole New Land” is definitely not light fare or something for the “quick kitchen”. This fabulous metal epic is an 11-course gala menu in a 5-star restaurant!

“A Whole New Land” is a milestone in the history of Metalwings. For me, without a doubt, one of the strongest symphonic metal albums of all time!”

Follow the link to read the whole review!

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