⭐⭐⭐ANOTHER REVIEW by The Dark Melody 8/10⭐⭐⭐

Another review for our ‘A Whole New Land’ written by @Allesandro Power from The Dark Melody

Three years after that debut, those directed by the vocalist Stela Atanasova return with a new production, which will be released this June 11 through an independent label, their second album is titled “A Whole New Land”, a concept album both in the musical as in the lyrics, which will take you to a totally new land in which all predators and their victims live in harmony and peace, each of the 11 songs start from the necklace of life, each composition tells a different story from the life of a girl who set out in search of the lost land of her ancestors. It is a totally new land where she once had honor, dignity, beauty and strength, where there was peace and harmony. Love is the main theme of the songs, but specifically in more lyrics on the album, Stela was not referring only to the love between two human beings, but rather to the love of life and how some people use the power they have to destroy the life instead of creating and preserving it. With this album the Bulgarians intend to take a great step forward in development and have a great desire to present to the world a radically symphony-oriented musical concept. With their musical arrangements they want to show the world that there is always sun after rain. Always after the apocalypse, comes salvation and understanding.

The second production “A Whole New Land” is not only a good symphonic metal album, but it is also a great step that Metalwings takes to consolidate itself and thus achieve the attention of symphony lovers, it is also necessary to highlight the vocalization by Stela Atanasova who also worked on the composition of it.

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