⭐⭐⭐NEW REVIEW 100/100 by Darkzen⭐⭐⭐

The review is written by Darkzen!

My Recomendation

An album with excellent musical content! The musical composition is varied within its Symphonic, instrumental, gothic, elegant style and a bit of Folk, there is melody and harmony, with varied tempos in its Symphonic parts ‘A Whole New Land’ is a concept album, both in music and in the lyrics, because each song has something different, there is the presence of strong and soft chords, acoustic parts, parts with wind instruments carried in an excellent way, an extensive album both in the musical part and in the conceptual, an album with a greater Symphonic / Gothic / Folk Metal content with a soft, rhythmic and melodic musical scale with a bit of a soft, dark atmosphere and native sounds that once again show us Metalwings the strong part of the band.

The Voice

Stela’s voice is an excellent and angelic voice, its scale and range of voice is unique, a harmonic, melodic, sweet, clean and beautiful operatic register, a very powerful weapon of the band is in the beautiful voice of Stela that gives to each musical track its own style.



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