⭐⭐⭐NEW GREAT REVIEW by Obliveon 9/10⭐⭐⭐

Another great and very interesting review by Obliveon!

“A Whole New Land” is only the second long player from METALWINGS after a band history of more than ten years. But it could – that much is anticipated – catapult the Bulgarian symphonic metal band to a whole new level. So I read that they were on tour with Imperial Age in 2019. Nothing against this talented Russian band, but from what you’ve heard here it sounds a bit like Dieter Bohlen invited Mozart to accompany him on tour. The six from Sofia creates symphonic, gothic and classic metal on a very high compositional level.

Two outstanding trademarks in the group’s sound are in the foreground and are able to make the difference: the crystal-clear, multi-faceted voice of front woman Stela Atanasova and her violin, both of which produce incredibly beautiful melodies and blend with the other components of the sound complement in an exemplary manner. It usually gets down to business at a rather moderate pace, but METALWINGS is also no stranger to double-bass passages.

The pre-single ‘Monster In The Mirror’ is also very fast and tough and male growls are also used. You could pick out every single track, but above all you really enjoy listening to the troupe and despite almost seventy minutes of playing time and yet very similar songs, there is no boredom. The compositions are perfectly arranged and versatile and in the most positive sense catchy, even without major effects or gimmicks. The Bulgarians master both quieter tones, again with a beguiling violin performance (‘Silence’), as well as an equally captivating ballad (‘Still Believe In Us’), as well as an almost poppy track like ‘Wonders Of Life‘.

However, the perfect audition tip and over-song is the fantastic ‘Killer Of The Angel’s Love’, which perfectly combines all trademarks: orchestral and piano parts, tempo changes, different moods, terrific vocals, a lightning-fast passage and the violin that comes in Duel with the guitar leads delivers. The individual parts go hand in hand and the interplay of the instruments is consistently successful. METALWINGS generate energy and dynamics in a pleasant, somehow cultivated way. In addition, the violin and piano parts give the sound enough bombast, but also convey elegance and feeling to a high degree. The fairytale-like singing is only operatic in tolerable doses, but never exaggerated or artificial. Great performance!

Michael Gaspar awards 9 out of 10 points

Follow the link to the review here!

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