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Metalwings, formed specifically in Autumn 2010, have been refining their brand of symphonic power metal for over a decade now and with this latest release, ‘A Whole New Land’. It was self released on the 11th of June this year.

The dramatic and rousing self titled opener sets the stage. Drums and guitars adding a layer of heaviness to the delicate and purposeful vocals keys and strings. It is not really a power metal record until there is the obligatory gallop and here it is. ‘Monster In the Mirror’, which is also the first single from the album, carries the baton of the heavy opera and it carries it well. Heavy and soaring there is a lot to like here, not least of all the guiter solo and nice moment of focus the bass gets. My favourite intro is found on ‘Like a Willow Without Tears’, it calls to my Scottish and Irish heritage with its Celtic feel. It is catchy, sinister and the headbanging section with the string is downright glorious. Hankering for something with a feel like The Phantom of the Opera but newer? Look no further than ‘I See Your Power’.

‘Silence’ is a class power ballad moment, break out those smartphone torches. ‘Still Believe in Us’ is as tender as it is tragic and calls to the heart of anyone who has ever had a relationship breakdown. The sinister is turned back up with ‘Killer of the Angel’s Love’. Despite the opening hard rock bars, ‘Wonders of Life’ take a carnival like twist which was unexpected. It rounds out with some classic heavy metal riffing and swagger. ‘Passengers Between the Rails of Life’ is heavy and dramatic as you have come to expect at this stage, and hits a soulful note lyrically as it talks about taking changes, spreading your wings for good or evil and when you tie that with the global climate slowly opening again it resonates all the louder. The next track is a gothic love story, it tells you as much in the opening lyrics. ‘Second Chance’ has heart, passion and tremendous string use.

We round out with ‘Mimlo Moe Libe’ – My Dear Libe. A letter to a love, bring home the trademark vocals, musical prowess and the feel that grabs the listener. This was a fun album for me to review, it is not my go to genre but this powerful and passionate album have changed my view for the better. It is big, bombastic and a whole lot of fun, even with these tender, beautiful moments.

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