⚡⚡Another interview with Stela for ‘Rock Hard Greece’⚡⚡

Why did you choose to include as much music as possible, almost 70 minutes, which is not the norm nowadays? Did you feel so confident about your new material?

If I wasn’t convinced of what I was creating, I wouldn’t be trying to make music at all. The truth is that in recent years everything in music has become easier, more uniform. There is no fire, no passion. Everyone follows a successful formula – I’m talking about the most famous bands and relies on the fact that whatever they release, fans will accept it. I do not accept such things. To call yourself an artist, you have to have the courage to be yourself and do what you love, not just release album after album in which you have not invested anything. This album consists of 70 minutes of love for music. We put our hearts into this album. I cannot doubt even for a second in our hearts. Whether our fans will like it remains to be seen.

How did the pandemic affect the making of the album and the promotion of it?

The pandemic slightly delayed the recording and release of the album, but in no way prevented us from creating what we wanted.

How is it being a woman in a “man’s world”? Did you ever feel that people underestimate you as a woman in a heavy metal band? Have you felt/faced any kind of discrimination?

So far, I have not felt for a moment any kind of discrimination or underestimation, because I am a woman in a metal band. I don’t pay attention to such things in general. This is a kind of chimera that is time to unravel and forget. Women are wonderful creatures and can only create beauty. How could anyone dare to say that because you are a woman, you have no place on the metal scene. This would be a very limited person. I do not know such people personally and I hope not to meet them in the future. The fact that years ago there was such a term as ‘man’s world’ – it is only the fault of women that we allowed it and paid too much attention to what men say.

What are your future plans? What do you plan to do to promote your new album?

In these strange times we live in – I do not plan anything. I let things just happen. Most importantly, we managed to record and release this amazing album, in the midst of a crisis and a pandemic. We work with a great press promoter Mike de Coene, which helps us a lot to promote the album. We hope that if not this year, next year we will have the chance to do a long tour to promote our album live.

Follow the link to read the full interview!

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