Metalwings is a Bulgarian symphonic/gothic metal band with Celtic influence, formed by the vocalist and viola player Stela Atanasova in 2010.

Metalwings is an unqiue combination of powerful guitars,  angelic vocals and the gentle sound of viola.

The hymn-melodic and epically uplifting CLASSIC SYMPHONIC METAL of the Sofia based formation combines the finest elements of classical music and the timeless world of Opera.

Band members:

Stela Atanasova – Vocals, Electric Viola, Keyboards

Nikola (Blackie) Ivanov -Drums

Vlad Enev – Bass

Martin Emilov – Rhythm Guitar

Angel Kitanov – Keyboards



The band was founded in Autumn 2010 by classically trained vocalist and songwriter Stela Atanasova. Stela’s idea was to combine elements of classical music with the melodic genres of metal. The style is considered as Symphonic, Gothic metal with female operatic vocals.

The band was joined by the guitarist and male singer Velislav Uzunov. After that the band picked up the drummer Emilian Arsov, the bassist Konstantin Uzunov and the keyboardist Angel Kitanov.

Metalwings in December 2010. From left to right: Emilian Arsov, Konstantin Uzunov, Angel Kitanov, Stela Atanasova, Velislav Uzunov

In December 2013, Metalwings announced Boyan Boyadjiev as Uzunov’s replacement. Boyan also took over the male vocalist role previously filled by Uzunov.

Metalwings Live at Rock It – 12.02.2014. Front line, from left to right: Konstantin Uzunov, Stela Atanasova, Emilian Arsov, Boyan Boyadjiev.

In December 2014, Boyan Boyadjiev was replaced by Grigor Kostadinov.

The band produced the first music video for the song “Crying of the Sun” in the beginning of 2015. With this music video the band managed to draw attention to over 12 million musical fans on YouTube.

In November 2015, Metalwings announced Krastyo Jordanov as a second guitarist of the band.

Metalwings in the beginning of 2016. From Left to right: Krastyo Jordanov, Emilian Arsov, Stela Atanasova, Grigor Kostadinov, Angel Kitanov, Konstantin Uzunov

After the release of their debut album, “Fallen Angel in the Hell” (2016) Metalwings announced Nikola Ivanov (Blackie) as Arsov’s replacement.

Photo made by Jordan Pachev/DanhillPhoto

For the last 7 years the band has played on many gigs and participated in many festivals, some of which are: “Rock Festival” in Slivnitsa – 2011; “Rock 2 Night” festival in Route 80 – 2012; “Rock Revival” festival in Cherven Briag – 2012; International Moto Fest “Night Wolves” – 2012, 2013 and 2015; Rock Fest “Berkstock” – 2012; Concert in Kiustendil – 2013; “The Power of Rock” – 2013 and 2015; “Polinero Rock Fest” in Plovdiv – 2014; Concert with the Croatian band AngelSeed in Sofia – 2014; Promotional concert for the band’s first official video in Joy Station – 2015; Participation in “Wacken Oper Air Metal Battle” – 2015; Promotional concert for the band’s first EP in Joy Station – 2016; “Eleshnitza Rock Fest” – 2017; Promotional concert for the band’s debut album “For All Beyond” at Mixtape – 2018; Promotional video for the song “For All Beyond” at Sofia Live Club – 2018.

In 2015 the band showed the world that music that is highly appreciated by millions of people all over the world can be produced in Bulgaria with their beautiful and epic official video of the song Crying of the Sun. The video of Crying of the Sun was filmed in Belogradchik – directed by Peter Tomov and Velislava Gospodinova. Male vocals in the song were sung by the first guitarist of the band Velislav Uzunov who had left the band three months before making the video. In the video, male vocals are performed by Konstantin Uzunov (Bass).

After the release of  their first EP – “Fallen Angel in the Hell” on 12th May 2016 there were a series of interviews for several metal webzines and radios, including Conexion Rock Radio which has thousands of listeners from Latin America. In this EP the band presented four masterly composed songs – Fallen Angel in the Hell, Slaves of the Night, Ship of Shadows and Immortal Metal Wings. The song Crying of the Sun which was released as a single in 2012 was featured in the EP as a bonus track.

Metalwings Live at Joy Station on 12th May 2016

On 27th April 2017 Metalwings released their second official video for the song “Fallen Angel in the Hell”. The video was filmed above the Cave called God’s Eyes – directed by Peter Tomov .

Behind the scenes of Fallen Angel in the Hell in October 2016

Metalwings started to record their debut full length album on 21 August 2017. They announced to release it in the beginning of 2018.

In the recording studio “Na Vilata” in September 2017


In November 2017 Metalwings recorded with the Sofia Session Orchestra the symphonic part of the song “For All Beyond” which will be the lead song of the full album.


In March 2018, Konstantin Uzunov was replaced by Milen Mavrov.


On April 19th 2018 METALWINGS released their much-anticipated debut album “For All Beyond”. The album is mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio – Ukraine.

🎥 🎥 🎥 ⚡⚡⚡ On November 1st, 2018 METALWINGS presented to the world, to all fans and friends, their 3rd Official Music Video, this time for the song “For All Beyond” – the self-titled song from the worldwide successful debut album “For All Beyond”. The following photos are made during the making of the third official video “For All Beyond”. Photo credit by Nymphaea M. photography.

In the beginning of March 2019 METALWINGS joined European tour of Imperial Age for some shows in Austria and Romania. METALWINGS played as a special guest at Bucovina concert in Brasov. The following photos are made at Rockstadt, Brasov. Photo credit by Rockstadt.

In May 2019, Milen Mavrov (Bass) was replaced by Vlad Enev.

METALWINGS, August 2019. From left to right: Angel Kitanov, Grigor Kostadinov, Stela Atanasova, Vlad Enev, Nikola (Blackie) Ivanov

At the end of October, 2020, METALWINGS announced that they had finished recordings for the next album! The upcoming album will be on the market in 2021!

On 23th December, 2020, METALWINGS released the first single “Monster in the Mirror” – taken from their upcoming album!

On 13th March, 2021, METALWINGS released the official video for “Monster in the Mirror” – mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios!

In March 2021 the rhythm guitarist Martin Emilov joined the band. In April 2021 lead guitarist Grigor Kostadinov left the band.