Check out this amazing interview for Teen Art Out

Check out this amazing interview for Teen Art Out Magazine!

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Official promotion of the music video for Fallen Angel in the Hell

ScreenСкъпи фенове и приятели! Чувствайте се поканени и знайте, че ще ни направите безкрайно щастливи с присъствието си на официалната промоция на втория ни видео клип към песента Fallen Angel in the Hell!

Dear fans and friends! We are very happy to announce the promotion of our second official video for the song Fallen Angel in the Hell. It will be on 27 April 2017 at Joy Station, Sofia. Please feel very welcome. We’ll be so happy to see you there!

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Dear fans and friends,
We have good news about us! We have been selected among 135 bands that have made it through to the first voting round in the Sweden Rock Band Competition 2017.
The first round of voting already started today and it will end on January 27th at 17:00.
The 25 bands with the most votes from round 1 will go through to a second voting round. The final four winning bands will get to play Sweden Rock Festival 2017!
We hope that you’ll support us and give your vote for our band if you wish to see us live on Sweden Rock Festival 2017!

Use this link for the voting: