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Metalwings is a Bulgarian symphonic/gothic metal band with Celtic influence, formed by the vocalist and viola player Stela Atanasova in 2010. Metalwings is a unique combination of powerful guitars,  angelic vocals and the gentle sound of the viola. The hymn-melodic and epically uplifting classic symphonic metal of the Sofia based formation combines the finest elements of classical music and the timeless world of Opera.

On December 23, 2020, the band released the first single from their upcoming album and now, they present a music video for it. This song combines angelic and extreme vocals with the sound of heavy guitars, powerful symphonic parts, wonderful melodic lines, beautiful lyrics and dynamics that keep you in suspense until the last second of the song!

Read the dull article!

Stela Atanasova participated in the Women Rock Project from Belgian Jasper. This project was made by Jasper de Man for Belgian Jasper YT-channel to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th,2021. From that day on, he published the whole week – from Monday 8th till Friday 12th – over 30 interviews and video compilations. The video from Stela was published on FridayMarch 12 and you can watch it here:

WOMEN ROCK! Stela Atanasova 

This project celebrates women in Metal and aims to inspire men and women of all ages and backgrounds by discussing issues, sharing advice, and celebrating experiences. “Women rock!” says Doro Pesch, iconic singer of Warlock and DORO, “and have so much power. I am so glad to be a part of this!” In the ⚡⚡ WOMEN ROCK! ⚡⚡ project, Doro and her peers share their personal experiences and inspirational advice. “It feels good to talk about all of this and I never do,” shares Clémentine Delauney, singer of Visions Of Atlantis. In the series of videos, women – both on and behind the stage – open up about overcoming struggles and show the world how much women rock! Starting March 8th (International Women’s Day), a series of over 30 interviews and compilation videos will be shared via the Belgian Jasper YouTube channel.

On December 232020, the Bulgarian Symphonic Metal band Metalwings released the first single from the new upcoming album and now we wanna introduce the video from this single to you.

The single “Monster In The Mirror” was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios! Music and lyrics by Stela Atanasova. Extreme vocals by Ivo Kalyonski!

This song combines angelic and Extreme vocals with the sound of Heavy guitars, powerful Symphonicparts, wonderful melodic lines, beautiful lyrics and dynamics that keep you in suspense until the last second of the song!

Follow the linkd to read the full article!

Our brand new music video for ‘Monster in the Mirror’ is officially out now.

 It’s the first single taken from METALWINGS upcoming album, out in Spring 2021.

Music and Lyrics: Stela Atanasova

Sound Production: Jens Bogren

Watch it on YouTube:  MONSTER IN THE MIRROR


Director: Peter Tomov

Camera Operators: Kalin Iliev WonderSwamp, Hristo Petkov, Peter Tomov

Aerial Shots: Kalin Iliev WonderSwamp

Assistant Directos: Hristo Petkov, Ivailo Stanchev

Script: Gamini Akmeemana


Editing: Peter Tomov

Visual Effects: Peter Tomov, Tsvetan Tomov, Velislava Mihailova

Photogrammetry: Milena Radeva

Colorist: Ivailo Stanchev, Peter Tomov


Styling, clothes and accessories: KORSET BG

Wigs: Magama

Jewerly and headdress: Aeternum Nocturne

Make-Up: Maya Borisova


Milord: Krasimir Mitov

Milady: Maya Borisova

➤ Artist Paintings:

“Euxinograd Palace” by Georgi Karantilski

“Still Life” by Maya Borisova

“Girl in the alley” by Maya Borisova

➤ Special Thanks To