April 19th 2018 marked the release date of the band’s debut album “For All Beyond.” And this wouldn’t be Metal.Inside if I wouldn’t be asking some inside questions on behalf of the events this past year. I mean when you look into the band’s discography you know they have been working so hard towards this moment. Prior to this release they had already aired four singles “Crying of the Sun” (2011), “Second Chance” (2013), “Realm of Dreams” (2014) and “Kingdom’s Heart” (2016) as well as an EP called “Fallen Angel in the Hell” (2016). So when you do the math, you know they put a lot of time and effort into this full length debut, well-spent energy that paid off for sure!

I cannot emphasize enough what a one year anniversary of such a release means to a band. I think it’s almost therapeutic in a way. So what did ‘For all beyond,’ their debut album , change for them personally and as a band?
“Every one of us grew as a musician through our album “For All Beyond”. It was another big step in our development as a band. We put a lot of hard work, thought and love into each song and did not stop to improve it until we were satisfied with the slightest detail. This has changed us in many aspects because we have raised the level for ourselves and from now on we have to keep it that way and also keep moving forward.” – METALWINGS
What came along this journey for METALWINGS from the release up until now?
“So far we released our third official video for the song “For All Beyond” and we will join the Imperial Age tour in several countries of Western and Eastern Europe in March this year.” – METALWINGS
Naturally, a new release is also a new outburst of emotions and stress. How did METALWINGS experience all of this? And of course what was the best moment so far and why?
“This period came just in time, with the exact emotional charge we needed to recharge the batteries, to take a breath and take our next step. The best moment is always now. We enjoy every new chance, new fan, new friend, new challenge and we look forward to our upcoming tour in March. Can’t wait to see our fans during the shows.” – METALWINGS

April 19th 2019: Happy one year anniversary

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There are songs which can change one’s general perceptions of a genre – that it’s loud, soft, sentimental, deep, superficial, or whatever. Many people identify rock and metal with deafening sound. The Bulgarian symphonic metal band Metalwings has a number of songs which can change that perception with their lyrical beauty and innovative approach to both technique and content.  

Their genre is symphonic metal, perhaps an uncommon genre these days, especially to those who associate the term ‘metal’ with names like Black Sabbath and Metallica. As Stela puts it: “Perhaps in recent years there has been a withdrawal of fans from this style in music. Something that makes me sad because there is still a lot of potential in this style and I do not agree that it’s exhausted and that every new band that makes music in this style is doomed because they copy one of the big ones. This is not true. The band’s music is a reflection of the people who make it and, as we know on this earth there are identical people, with the same DNA, way of thinking or algorithm in making music, so for me each band is unique in itself.   

“The fact that the music industry is currently trying to impose new, easily digestible styles for the larger audience – is the real problem of music as a whole, not just for symphonic metal. I never wanted to do cliché music – to follow the rules, to do the kind of music that would be listened to. I prefer to be an outsider, but to stay true to ourselves than to make the kind of music that is sold today. That’s because if this is the motive that leads us along the way, then what will we do tomorrow and which way will we take if we have already lost our right to choose after a few wrong turns in the name of money and fast glory?”  

That is the voice of a dedicated artist. It came as a surprise that small Bulgaria, a former Soviet bloc country (111,000 sq. km., population 7.5 million) could support a vibrant sub-culture of locally created English medium pop. But there’s nothing surprising about this. Nor can English or pop in English over there can be called a sub-culture. It looks pretty much mainstream.  

With Stela Atanasova as song writer, Metalwings are in the front ranks of the truly original contemporary bands. As for the music, one thing you notice about the good rock and metal musicians is that quite a few of them were classically trained, like Stela, before they chose a different path in music. This grounding is noticeable in Metalwings’ keyboard arrangements, with their Bach-like undulations, and in the use of viola and Irish flute, and of course in the vocals, a high flying sonic layer above the instruments.  

Metalwings released their first full length album “For All Beyond” in April this year. 

The music video released in November (like the band’s other videos) focuses on mood-emphasizing imagery, of light and dark, without bowing out to the easily marketable ‘sexy’ storytelling which rules the roost in pop and hiphop.   

As Stela puts it: “Things happen here and now, not yesterday and tomorrow. Time’s job is to pass. Ours is to develop, grow up and improve ourselves in every area of life. There is time for everything if you wish to live through the dream.”  

The band is busy right now preparing for a tour of Vienna and several Romanian cities in March 2019 with the Russian rock group Imperial Age. It looks as if Metalwings are ready to not just take off but soar.   

Written by  Gamini Akmeemana

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Bulgarians Metalwings offer a sturdy, reasonably generic take on the female-fronted gothic style; That said they do what they do really well, offering nice amounts of light and shade in everything they create.

The band’s songwriting on tracks like End of the Way, which opens their debut album, For All Beyond, is solid rather than spectacular, but individual performances add a bit of verve to proceeding and vocalist Stela Atanasova, whilst perhaps no Turunen or den Ardel yet, is impressive throughout.

Realm of Dreams adds male vocals and dramatic orchestration to the mix and, even if you’ve heard this all before – many times – Metalwings are still worth some of your attention.

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