Interview for Battle Helm

It has been a couple of years since I last interviewed you guys. What has happened since the release of your EP in 2016?
Stela Atanasova: First of all – thank you for this interview and for the chance to tell the world some news about the band. Lots of things have happened since the release of our EP in 2016. After the release of “Fallen Angel in the Hell” (2016) we picked up a new drummer – Nikola Ivanov (Blackie). On 27th April 2017 we’ve released the official video for the song “Fallen Angel in the Hell”. The video was filmed above the Cave called God’s Eyes – directed again by Peter Tomov. In the end of August 2017 we’ve started to record the songs for our full length album. The album will be mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio. We have plans to
release the album in the end of March 2018. For the recordings of one of the songs we used a Live Symphonic Orchestra and really hope to bring much more power and symphonic sense in the album with this song. Another interesting fact is me and Max Morton made some incredible duets in some of the songs. We can;t wait to spread this album through the world.

Something I often wonder, with there being so many bands looking for their break and just so many metalheads to appeal to, is if you as a band ever feel stressed that it takes too long to for example release an album after you have built some momentum, that you in this fickle world we live in might miss out on the “hype” your style of metal enjoy at that moment?
Krastyo Jordanov: It is a little stressful because we don’t want to dissapoint our fans. For an underground band the “hype” is really important, but the most important thing for us is to give our fans a high quality album.

Today we have all these different sub-genres in metal that are too many to even mention. How important is to you that you can be tagged in one of these? Why isn’t metal enough as a tag?
Krastyo Jordanov: For us it’s not so important to be tagged in a specific subgenre. Our goal is just to make beautiful music. The variety is also important and that’s why we don’t want to be labeled just as ‘symphonic metal’. We try to be unique in a way.

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