⭐⭐⭐ Exclusive interview for Rock N’ Roll Town by Steve Xanthis

A few days ago, you released your new single “Still Believe In Us”. The song is inspired by what has happened to our world over the last three months. How do you feel about this single? Do you believe that your song spread the message that you’ve wanted to express?  

I am completely convinced of that. This is a very special single because it reveals our love and empathy for all people around the world. Our role as artists is to lift the spirits of people, not only during concerts, but when they have fallen. In this strange situation in which we lived for several months we saw how the will of the people was crushed and replaced by fear and obedience. But all people need is someone to tell them – nothing is over. The good is yet to come. Our vocation as artists is to show the real side of life. To rebel against fear and irresponsibility. Artists should not close their eyes when facing the truth. A true artist must stand boldly in front of people and clearly state his position. Everything else is vanity and theater on wheels.

How do you spend your time through the pandemic of COVID-19? Do you meet each other for rehearsals, or the pandemic slow down your future plans? 

These were strange times. People have changed. Fear took over. Music saves us as always. As for our plans – all evil for good.We stopped rehearsals for a while, but we realized that was not the way to go. The musician’s job is to make music. Not to hide and wait for the storm to pass. We are a band – such events cannot break us because we are together in this. After all, when we begin to think that we are all one and together in all this, our world will have no boundaries.

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