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Thanks to Crying of the Sun, the world learned about us. Until now, no metal band from Bulgaria has gained such popularity and has not reached literally all corners of the Earth. We got a great chance and the most important thing is that it motivates us to work even harder to prove to our fans that we are not just a successful song, but we are a metal band that states categorically its place on the map of metal music. 

As for the music business – I honestly don’t like what’s been happening to music in recent years and how spectacular, vision-like, but completely devoid of talent, bands and performers are being launched, while those who really deserve to be heard are ignored and suppressed deliberately. I hope that sooner or later this system will break and as many independent artists as possible will have the opportunity to play at major festivals and make successful international tours without being dependent on anyone. An artist without wings is not an artist, but a bird in a cage.

Doors that open easily are also easy to close. We do not dream of easy fame and false popularity. We fight for every single fan. We try to make different, interesting and captivating music. And if we manage to win the hearts of true music connoisseurs, then we’ve done what is necessary and what we have set as a goal.

The music industry can make you famous for a day without deserving it, but it can also destroy you for a moment, even though you’re making great music. So it is very important to know exactly what you want to achieve and find the best option to do it. (Stela Atanaosva)

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Pix666: Your new album ‘A Whole New Land’ will be released in June. What can fans expect on the album? What makes the album different from your previous releases? Is it already possible to pre-order the album somewhere?

Stela: Our fans can expect a very different album in every aspect – that’s why the name of the album is ‘A Whole New Land’. Our songs are much more complex, from a musical and compositional point of view. The arrangements have much heavier guitars and drums. Last but not least are the beautiful orchestral arrangements, as well as the inspiring lyrics. Yes, the album can now be pre-ordered via iTunes.

Pix666: When you release an album, you want to get out on stage right away and blast the songs at the audience. …but the pandemic unfortunately still has us in its grip. Despite everything, have you already made plans for a record release show or a tour?

Stela: We are already planning a show on June 11, where we will present our new album live to all our fans, here in Sofia. After that we have an invitation to participate in a festival here in Bulgaria. We are expecting other dates in the summer, when I hope we will have the opportunity to present our new songs live.

Pix666: Do you have any wishes and dreams for Metalwings for the future – in which countries would you like to play, which festivals or locations do you miss and with which bands would you like to go on tour or share a stage?

Stela: What I wish for myself and Metalwings is to get the attention of true connoisseurs of metal music. We do not strive for quick popularity, but we strive to win people’s hearts. Of course, my biggest dream is to start doing longer tours, to more destinations and one day, to start receiving invitations from big festivals to share the stage with bands like Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Epica.

Pix666: As a musician, you certainly spend most of your time creating music – but what else do you do in your free time when you want to get your mind off things – are there any interesting hobbies that you pursue?

Stela: Apart from the obvious things you listed – I like to read books, walk in nature or just sit on the beach, in my hometown Burgas and enjoy the sea. It charges me and inspires me the most. I use my little free time to remain silent and enjoy the moment.

Pix666: Do you have any other news, that you would like to share with the fans?

Stela: Be prepared for something new and truly epic – our new land is coming on June 11th and I’m sure it will take you on the wings of music, to fabulous lands and forgotten dreams.

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Have you ever thought about giving up your music career? And if so, what prompted you to keep going?

All musicians who put their soul into music had moments when they wanted to give up. Music is a blessing, but it can also be a curse. Especially when nowadays you see how stars are created in days and real talents are neglected and forgotten. There is no artist who loves works in the dark. Everyone wants attention, contact with the audience and their music to see the light of day. But in fact, instead of making it easier, it has become much harder for real artists because they don’t have the energy or time to be assertive, to be online and to be so social. The real artists don’t have the desire to shoot constantly for dozens of social networks and to show what they eat or what they do. This is exhausting for a real artist. A real artist just wants to make music and share it with the world. But the world has changed and cruelly oppressed those who are not ready for change. At the moment, the chances of becoming popular because of how you look are much higher than becoming famous because you make great music. There are only a few people who will appreciate your music. Millions are those who are impressed by the external, spectacular and easy to perceive. As for how I manage to move forward – I’m a scorpion, I don’t give up easily. The harder I work, the more I pull forward. Besides, music is my life. I don’t make music to impress the whole world. I make music to be heard by those who have the hearts and minds to appreciate it. Our music is boutique – it is only for connoisseurs. I am happy for every fan and every positive comment, because for us everyone is valuable. When someone take the time to hear our songs, to write us a comment – this means that we have already achieved our goal. So, the music industry brings both a lot of joy and can kill you. It is important with what expectations you pass through the door of fame.

How has your experience been as a woman and being in the music and metal scene?

I don’t think we should divide musicians into men or women. We are all the same. If so far there has been a feeling that women are neglected and not accepted in the metal scene, it is because women have paid too much attention to men’s opinions. I already think that has changed and women have gained much more confidence that they are no less good than men on the metal scene. I personally feel great being part of the metal scene and showing the world how amazing we women are in every way.

 Finally, what message would you like to leave to all those women, and people in general, who still do not dare to play an instrument and form a band due to fears, prejudices and insecurities?

I want to say that we live in a small country – the poorest in the European Union. We do not have a developed music industry. The media does not support local bands. No organizer of major festivals here wants to open his eyes and hear something different from what he has already heard. The battle is fierce and unjust and will always be so. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but it is like that here. We have achieved everything so far on our own. Do you know why? Because we didn’t give up and didn’t pay attention to anyone who criticized us or betrayed us. We always stand up and move forward. Don’t let anyone take away your dreams and break your wings. Life is only yours, and the world is huge and waiting for you to concure it. Do not waste your time in fears, do not put up with crumbs. Always strive for more, for a higher, for your better self. And forget about those who don’t like or disapprove of what you do. You have your own path and destiny – just follow it.

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Here are some excerpts from the interview:

“The dreams do not come alone, on the wings of a white dove – they come with a lot of work, faith and passion” – Stela Atanasova.

MG: You combine classical elements with operatic vocals, which may sound pretty old school, but the album sounds really fresh, with a lot of powerful, dramatic and dynamic moments. How did you manage to achieve this sound? What was your goal with “A Whole New Land” soundwise?

Stela: Thank you very much for your positive opinion. This means a lot to me. It is true that combining classics with opera vocals already sounds old school, but when you do it with passion and are not afraid to use different elements or experiment, you will always sound different and fresh. There is a huge potential in this style of music and I am happy to be part of the world of symphonic metal.

In my personal opinion, all artists and bands must strive for constant development and change. We must constantly provoke ourselves to do what we are afraid of and never stop looking for new techniques and means of expression in order to make as real and beautiful music as possible.

The sound we achieved with our new album is not accidental – from the very beginning, when we started discussing the new album, I gathered the guys and told them what my vision was for it. I wanted everything to sound more complex. I wanted heavier guitars and drums, as well as much more epic orchestral tracks. Then I decided that in order to present our songs in the best possible way, we should mix and master them with already proven names. That’s why I chose Jens Bogren. I didn’t just want to release another album – I wanted to release one of the best albums of recent years, which will be listened to for years to come. And I am convinced that we succeeded. We are very pleased with the sound we achieved, thanks to Jens, and that our album sounds amazing as a whole concept in musical and dramatic terms. But of course, the best indicator of that is our fans, so I can’t wait to hear their feeling and opinion about our album.

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