S.O.S. Heavy-Metal Radio Show Airplay METALWINGS

AVATAR – Avatar Country – A Statue Of The King

BULLET – Dust To Gold – Rogue Soldier

BULLET – Dust To Gold – Speed And Attack

THE DEAD DAISIES – Burn It Down – Resurrected

NIGHTRAGE – Wearing a Martyr’s Crown – Holier Than Thou
SEBASTIEN – Act Of Creation – Wake Up
VENOM INC – Avé – Dein Fleisch
PUREST OF PAIN – Solipsis – The Pragmatic
PUREST OF PAIN – Solipsis – Truth-Seeker
PUREST OF PAIN – Solipsis – Vessels
WEDNESDAY 13 – Condolences – Blood Sick
TRIVIUM – The Sin And The Sentence – The Heart From Your Hate
MONUMENT – Hellhound – Attila
SQUEALER – Behind Closed Doors – Time Goes By
SQUEALER – Behind Closed Doors – Brainwash
VIOLENT GIN – – — Join The Show
METALWINGS – EP – Fallen Angel In Hell

2nd Hour – 16.03.2018 – S.O.S. METAL RADIO SHOW by S.O.S. METAL RADIO SHOW | Mixcloud

Link to the show


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