⭐⭐⭐Review by Carol Rosseel at Metal-Shredder


For All Beyond is the debut full length release from the Bulgarian symphonic metal band Metalwings and succeeds their 2016 EP Fallen Angel In The Hell. It’s an independent release given to me by German promoter Metalmessage. Taking influences from the likes of Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and Lacuna Coil, Metalwings take you on an epic journey filled with vigor and emotion. Thunderous guitar riffs are mixed with operatic vocals, violins, keyboards, orchestra, piano and flute. All these elements combined result in songs that will drag you into Metalwings’ world of nature, medieval fantasy and spirituality. The set of tracks on Metalwings is also pretty diverse, with songs like There’s No Time and Realm Of Dreams having a guitar-heavy and frantic pace while other tunes like When We Pray and Tujni Serza are slower and put more emphasis on piano and flute, thus giving both tracks a Medieval ballad feel. Speaking of Tujni Serza, it’s a song written entirely in the band’s native Bulgarian language. Nice to see the band paying homage to their language and culture!

Human emotion is one of the major themes in For All Beyond. Negative emotions like pain, sorrow, depression are prominently featured as well as positive vibes like love and enjoying life to the fullest. Listening to the songs makes you feel like walking through the woods, thinking about your own life questions, all while moving forward without knowing where you will eventually end up. It’s a relaxing experience in an overall beautiful album that will help relieve you from the daily stress of contemporary life. My favorite tracks For All Beyond are without doubt There’s No Time and the beautiful title track. There’s No Time is about a broken relationship, it has a hard pounding beat and catchy vocals. For All Beyond’s title track on the other hand is a more optimistic track wherein the narrator wants to regain her lost love. It starts off with a moody piano tune but as the song progresses the guitars and drums come in and gradually the entire song increases in intensity and speed, beautifully representing the narrator’s regained confidence and vigor to take back what’s rightfully hers. And that’s the primary message that Metalwings want to bring to the table, life may hit you hard, but you can always stand back up on your feet and hit back harder!

What more can I say? Metalwings’ For All Beyond is a magnificent album that I can warmly recommend to people looking for some great escapist symphonic metal entertainment. The songs are diverse, but they all maintain a consistent feel of optimism and energy. So come join me in the Realm Of Dreams and enjoy Secret Town, the second track of For All Beyond.

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