⭐⭐⭐Review by Monarch Magazine

If there is any metal scene in Bulgaria at all then Metalwings has to belong to those very few unique bands that try to reach out to people with their music. I really do not remember any Bulgarian band I could have known from the past and do not ask me how it`s even possible because I do not know the answer.

If Metalwings is the only band I am destined to know from there, then let it be. They deserve all your ears and attention for this 10+2 songs effort.

For All Beyond is really good produced symphonic and melodic metal album. You can hear viola, keyboards, Irish flute that help them to create a mysteries of music, surrounded by dark romanticism and gothic atmospherics. They use the keys a lot in songs and almost as good as Nightwish, Cradle Of Filth on some of their releases… They are female fronted and I honestly can send my appreciations to all vocals of Stela who has done great job with her-all clean vocal parts that sound  sweet but mature , like a singing of Elfs in tales. The heavy metal guitars and drumming are perfectly tuned to sharp the tone of music and give it metal sound but they do not go for anything that could disturb the beauty of symphonic and orchestrated elements. It`s rare that metal and bombastic music can go in such great symbiosis as it is in this album. Hard to think about it otherwise, especially when you hear such excellent composed songs. The music has been expressed really naturally here, it`s refreshing your mind and makes you think about things from your dreams or beyond our world.

It`s super performed album in every aspect. The music in most of the songs is like a secret access to many moods that cheer up my spirit and brighten my world.

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