⭐⭐⭐Notes for “For All Beyond” by Metal.Inside

April 19th 2018 marked the release date of the band’s debut album “For All Beyond.” And this wouldn’t be Metal.Inside if I wouldn’t be asking some inside questions on behalf of the events this past year. I mean when you look into the band’s discography you know they have been working so hard towards this moment. Prior to this release they had already aired four singles “Crying of the Sun” (2011), “Second Chance” (2013), “Realm of Dreams” (2014) and “Kingdom’s Heart” (2016) as well as an EP called “Fallen Angel in the Hell” (2016). So when you do the math, you know they put a lot of time and effort into this full length debut, well-spent energy that paid off for sure!

I cannot emphasize enough what a one year anniversary of such a release means to a band. I think it’s almost therapeutic in a way. So what did ‘For all beyond,’ their debut album , change for them personally and as a band?
“Every one of us grew as a musician through our album “For All Beyond”. It was another big step in our development as a band. We put a lot of hard work, thought and love into each song and did not stop to improve it until we were satisfied with the slightest detail. This has changed us in many aspects because we have raised the level for ourselves and from now on we have to keep it that way and also keep moving forward.” – METALWINGS
What came along this journey for METALWINGS from the release up until now?
“So far we released our third official video for the song “For All Beyond” and we will join the Imperial Age tour in several countries of Western and Eastern Europe in March this year.” – METALWINGS
Naturally, a new release is also a new outburst of emotions and stress. How did METALWINGS experience all of this? And of course what was the best moment so far and why?
“This period came just in time, with the exact emotional charge we needed to recharge the batteries, to take a breath and take our next step. The best moment is always now. We enjoy every new chance, new fan, new friend, new challenge and we look forward to our upcoming tour in March. Can’t wait to see our fans during the shows.” – METALWINGS

April 19th 2019: Happy one year anniversary

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