⭐⭐⭐”Still believe in us” – a brand new single

We are so excited to present you our brand new single “Still believe in us”.
The song is inspired by what has happened to our world over the last three months.
We’d like to dedicate it to all of you who are still looking for hope and believе in goodness. 
We won’t tell you what to do or where to stay. You are free people, with free will and your destiny is in your own hands. 
All you need to know is that there is still hope, there is still goodness and there are still true people who seek the truth.

We will go through all this only if we think together!

“Still believe in us” is composed, recorded and produced by Stela Atanasova. It’s a digital only release and will be available for purchase on METALWINGS BandCamp page.

Special thanks to Atrox MC, Sofia
Video Credits:
Camera 1: Yavor Boshnyakov
Camera 2: Maya Borisova
Edited by: Peter Tomov

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