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The new review is written by Metal World!!!

“A Whole New Land” was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. Guests on the album include Ivo Kalyonski (extreme voice on “Monster In the Mirror”) and Georgi Dobrev (Kaval on “Milo Moe Libe”), while the cover art was created by Yasen Denev at Red Ring Entertainment.

“A Whole New Land” begins with a dark atmosphere intro, gradually incorporating percussion, powerful guitars, keys and angelic vocals for a magical eight minutes with opera choruses and various stop and go. In “Monster In the Mirror” the vocal interpretation varies a little more choral and high applied in a song of climates that sounds forceful and lets hear some well-placed guttural contributions between the lines. “Like A Willow Without Tears” is epic and very folk, continuing in the middle tempos until the power side starts in a great song. Then on “I See Your Power”, the performers are overflowing with energy and they really do a great job where the drums stand out.

Again the beauty of the voices stand out in “Silence” where they slowly consolidate a kind of stormy ballad of great composition that takes off musically at times. A great melody captures us with “Still Believe in Us”, emotional and dramatic. “Killer Of The Angel’s Love” is my favorite, a song with pure energy and dexterity that has a sober balance of combinations and where all the instruments fly very high. From song number eight “Wonders of Life”, I can say that we are facing an important component of the album that I am going to use to assess the particularities of the band, which at no time invite us to be compared with close exponents by gender or by having female voices and that’s great …

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