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1. The band formed back in 2010, what made you decide that was the right time to form a band?

When I formed the band, I did not think whether it was the right time. Making a decision to create a band is not that difficult. The hard part comes when you have to save your band and not give up. Many people came and left the band. Only the people who are truly devoted remain in it.

2. You have had some band member changes over the years, so tell us how each of your members came to be in Metalwings:

Stela Atanasova – Lead Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys: I formed the band in 2010 and I have been leading it for 8 years;

Grigor Kostadinov – Guitars: He joined us in the winter of 2014 after Boyan Boyadzhiev’s – the second guitarist of the band decided to go to another project;

Krastyo Jordanov – Guitars, Irish Flute: Krastyo joined the band in late 2015 after we announced that we were looking for a second guitarist. We decided at that moment that the band needs a heavier sound and I was very glad when he contacted us because he already had another project called Dracovallis and our sense of music was very similar;

Milen Mavrov – Bass: Milen is the newest member of our band. He joined the band at the beginning of this year after the first bass player Konstantin Uzunov decided to left. Now we are all very happy that Milen joined the band;

Angel Kitanov – Keyboards:
 Angel is one of the first members of the band. If you look at our official video “Crying of the Sun” you’ll see that only me and Angel are part of the lineup of that time;

Nikola Ivanov (Blackie) – drums:
 Blackie joined the band in the Summer of 2016. Without a good and dedicated drummer things can quickly go wrong. He brought very good energy and dynamics to the band.

3. The music genre for the band is Symphonic Metal, why did you choose this over others? 

This is the style of music that unites all my searches as a musician and satisfies all my musical senses. It combines both great power and as well unbelievable beauty and romance. I think this is one of the most magnificent styles in modern music that is yet to develop and attracts many new fans.

4. You released a new album titled “For All Beyond”, tell us what we can expect from this album compared to previous debut “Fallen Angel in the Hell”? 

What you can expect and will surely hear from our album “For All Beyond” is the beauty of each song, much heavier guitars, more dynamic drums, many beautiful melodic lines and orchestral parts and great duets between me and Max Morton, who performed the male vocal parts in some of the songs.

5. Who composes all the songs? 

I am the composer of all the songs, all the lyrics to them, as well as all the orchestral arrangements.

6. Where does the inspiration come from to write? 

Inspiration can be found everywhere around us. If you do not want or you are not able to see the beauty of a flying butterfly, you can not expect the inspiration to get you when you are ready. I have always admired the beauty of life that surrounds us – as long as we have a desire to see it. I find inspiration in the sadness also, because often the joy and sorrow go hand in hand. There is no eternal happiness, and eternal sorrow. So, it’s up to you to find an inspiration every day.

7. Do find a certain time of the day/night is better for writing? 

Yes, I like to work in the evening but not too late. The perfect time for me to compose is late afternoon and evening.

8. Do you personally have a favourite song on the album? If so, why that one. 

I have a special relationship with each of the song. Of course, all of them are my favorites, but among all of them stands out the titled song “For All Beyond”. I feel it like that because it combines both a sadness and a strength. The duet at the beginning of the song between me and Max literally is breathtaking. The orchestral parts in the song are performed by a live orchestra, which further enhances the influence and power of the song. After the gentle and romantic duet, the powerful force of the orchestra and the whole band enters – the energy of the song changes. From melancholy and gentle it becomes a hurricane. On the very end of the song, again everything is quiet and finds its perfect harmony. That’s why this song is so special to me.

9. You started to record your 2nd album in August 2017, was that an easy process, or were there difficulties?

The recordings lasted for nearly two months and the hard part was not in the records themselves but in the details. We wanted to record the tracks in the best possible way and it took a little more time, but the most important thing is that at the end we were really pleased with the material we sent to our mixing engineer. Post production was not easy too and it took about six months. I’m once again convinced that mixing a symphonic metal is a very difficult task. For us, it is very important to emphasize the power of the orchestra tracks combined with vocals, drums, two guitars, bass, piano and viola. This task is not for everyone, but here is the time to express my gratitude and respect to Max Morton, who did an incredible job and made our songs sound world class. We are really pleased with the sound of our album – it was important to produce a quality album with very good songs and great sound and we did it.

10. Where was the album recorded, mixed and produced?

The album was recorded by Alexander Nakov at studio “Na Vilata” and mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio. All orchestral tracks as well as the piano tracks were recorded by myself in my personal studio. Sofia Session Orchestra was recorded at Sofia Session Studio.

11. Being together since 2010, is there anything you regret, or this is definitely the life for you?

The only thing I regret is that during these 8 years I was too patient and good, and for that reason I lost valuable time in which I could find more suitable people for the band. I couldn’t split up on time. When you know that a person or a musician is not right for you and your cause, you have to be able to split up and move on. But probably it must have happened that way and, as we say, every evil for good!

12. If you couldn’t be doing music, what do you think you would be doing instead?

Probably I’ll live near the ocean, watching the waves and dreaming about the day I can make music again.

13. Who inspires you musically?

I love to listen to the music of many composers and many bands. But what truly touches my heart is Music of Mozart, Vangelis, Queen and Thomas Bergersen.

14. When you were growing up, what age was it that you decided you wanted the band life?

I can not say the exact age, but from a very small age, while I was studying at the music school, I dreamed to be more than just playing an orchestra all day. I was a rebel in my sould, but a great perfectionist and I wanted to be the best in everything – playing, education. This perfection prevented me from doing what I really want and it took me a long time to balance these two opposing features and to use them both to follow my dream.

15. Tell us something about Metalwings, that we might not know…

At this stage, perhaps the most interesting thing to know about Metalwings is that I have already composed the music and wrote the lyrics for two more albums. So, get ready for us!

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that we should know?

I would like to say: Thank you to all our fans who support us and like our Music. It really means a lot to us!  Respect!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us, we greatly appreciate it.

Hallo, wie geht es Euch?                                                                                                    

Mir und dem Rest der Band geht es gut. Wir bereiten uns auf den großen Tag vor – den 19. April. Es ist immer sehr spannend, wenn man etwas Neues zeigt, in das man so viel Mühe, Zeit und einen Teil von sich selbst investiert hat. Wir freuen uns, der Welt unser neues Album zu zeigen, und wir freuen uns auf die Reaktionen unserer Fans. Hoffentlich sind sie genauso aufgeregt wie wir.

Ihr macht Classic Symphonic Metal, aber was ist das einzigartige und spezielle an Eurer Musik?

Unsere Musik ist besonders, weil es eine interessante Kombination aus sanften weiblichen Vocals und schweren Gitarrenriffs ist, schönen Orchestrierungen und dem unterschiedlichen Klang der Instrumente, die wir verwenden, sowie die elektrische Bratsche und irische Flöte.

Wir haben keine Angst zu experimentieren, verschiedene Stile in einem Song zu verwenden, und ein anderes Tempo. Wir lieben die innovativen Dinge und streben danach, dass jedes neue Lied etwas Neues bringt, das seine Wirkung verstärkt. Jede Band sollte meiner Meinung nach unterschiedliche Wege, Ausdrucksmittel und Werkzeuge entwickeln und anstreben.

Dies würde nur die Musik bereichern und die Grundidee unterstützen. Deshalb ist es schwer für uns zu sagen, dass wir nur eine klassische Symphonic Metal-Band sind. Wir haben keine Angst, verschiedene Genres und Stile zu mischen, und in einige unserer Songs typische bulgarische Folklore zu implizieren. Irgendwann würde ich gerne ein Lied mit einem authentischen bulgarischen Instrument wie einem Dudelsack oder einem Kaval (Flöte) machen.

Jede Band ist auf ihre Weise einzigartig, und sollte neue Wege entdecken und suchen, um sich durch Ihre Musik auszudrücken. So ist für mich jede Band wichtig und besonders, wenn sie sich entwickelt und zur Musik der Welt beiträgt. Wenn der Tag kommt, wo wir sagen – wir sind perfekt und es gibt keinen Weg weiter, dann ist es der Anfang vom Ende. Musik ist ein Weg, der sich durch unser Leben zieht, und um ihr zu folgen, müssen wir uns anpassen, entwickeln und verändern, so gut wir können.

Euer neues Album “For All Beyond” – welcher Song ist für Euch persönlich am großartigsten?

Der großartigste Song unseres neuen Albums ist für mich der selbstbetitelte Song “For All Beyond”, denn er bringt viel Reinheit, Musik und Schönheit. Es gibt viele versteckte Diamanten, die man bei jedem neuen Hören findet. Außerdem werden die Orchesterparts in dem Lied von einem Live-Orchester aufgeführt, was die Energie dieses Liedes noch größer und einflussreicher macht. Aber natürlich liebe ich jeden Song auf dem Album und wenn “For All Beyond” für mich die ganze Schönheit, den Ausdruck und die Botschaften kombiniert, die ein Song ausdrücken kann, sind die restlichen Songs auch versteckte Schätze. Es gibt viele schöne Hooklines, Dynamik und kraftvolle Riffs. Einer der Songs, von dem ich denke, dass er auch unsere Fans anspricht, ist wahrscheinlich “A Wish”, weil er viele verschiedene Elemente in sich vereint und gleichzeitig sehr lyrisch ist und die Menschen berührt.

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Approximately one year ago I found a bulgarian symphonic metal band, by name METALWINGS on YouTube – I became a fan immediately and I was so obsessed to find and buy their albums. I soon realized that they hadn’t yet released their debut material. But the times are changing – and “For All Beyond” is available worldwide since the middle of April.

“Most of all we feel satisfied. Time for us does not fly with the same speed that it can fly for our fans. But during these 8 years, it was more important to keep the band and to find the best people and musicians for it” – replied the singer, Stela Atanasova when we asked her about the last eight years (the bulgarian band was formed in 2010) and their current feelings. “After that creating the album was just a pleasure. I personally, and my colleagues feel very happy after the release of the album, because we could not wait to introduce it to the world and through it to reach more fans to this style of music. The reviews for the album are great and we are really happy.

At the moment, we have a short break, after which we’ll start work on new songs because we do not intend to wait 8 years for the next album.

The sooner we create the new songs so sooner we will start to record it. Overall, this is the goal we have set in the near future.”

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Depth of feeling and highest devotion are the primary mission statements in the uplifting sound of the romantic sextet, which pays a touching homage to the yearning for the beautiful. With the original debut album „For All Beyond“, the musicians are now looking forward to further expanding their name recognition.

As singer and main composer, classically trained Stela Atanasova knows to report, her band has become a tight-knit group over the years since its founding in 2010.

The more than 12 million (!) views of „Crying Of The Sun“ surprises so many Metalwings-newcomers. Many of them may puzzle, how a rather unknown and small band out of Bulgaria reached this great result … be so kind and bring light into the dark!

„Maybe some things can not be explained – they just happen. And your question immediately reminds me of ‚The Lord Of The Rings‘. [smiles] Sometimes the smallest, even inconspicuous things or people can roll over the world. The fact that the world nowadays moves under certain rules and laws does not mean that it is the best order or that it will continue to dominate forever. Why do we have to stereotype that only famous bands from the western world can attract people’s attention. Why do not we think that people are thirsty for new music, new faces, unknown and small bands from small countries like Bulgaria. [smiles] Another reason to get so big attention to our band is the fact that many people are more and more thirsty for beautiful and sentimental music – against the backdrop of the increasingly aggressive and brutal world we live in. I guess this is also one of the reasons why people need something beautiful that inspires them and save them from reality. We are all creators and we have the talent to give joy to people – this is our biggest prize. Several years ago I asked myself a question – why am I making music? To become popular and rich? To become a star? I needed just one minute to answer this question. Because I want my music to be heard by as many people as possible. It is not important whether this will make us popular – the important thing is that people want to listen to us, to watch us and to look forward to every our new song or album. So I know we are already rich because our music sounds in the homes of so many people all over the world and because we have our families, friends and fans. There is no secret behind the success of ‚Crying Of The Sun‘. There is only a magic. I have always said it – when you do something with your heart, with no hidden motives, it returns to you a hundredfold.“

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Hintf: A primeira vez que eu ouvi a vossa música … Fechei os meus olhos para sentir tudo nas músicas e o primeiro sentimento que chegou à minha cabeça era “Uau, isto parece Nightwish”. Onde vocês encontram a vossa influencia?

Metalwings: Somos todos fãs de Nightwish. Criamos músicas num estilo comum de música. Usamos os mesmos elementos estruturais e talvez seja por isso que às vezes os nossos fãs comparam o nosso estilo com os Nightwish. Mas há uma grande diferença entre nós, o nosso objetivo não é ser definido como os próximos Nightwish na versão búlgara. Nós fazemos a nossa própria música e queremos deixar o nosso próprio sinal no Global Music Stage.

Hintf: Não tenho mais questões,mas têm algo que vocês gostariam de dizer aos vossos fãs portugueses e aos nossos leitores?

Metalwings: Nós gostaríamos de dizer um grande OBRIGADO  Nós amamos Portugal e queremos enviar o nosso amor a todos os fãs da nossa banda em Portugal.sejam felizes e criativos todos os dias da vossa vida!

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Zwölf Millionen Klicks bei Youtube ohne ein Album im Rücken, und keiner kennt die Band? Als ich dies feststellte, habe ich nicht schlecht gestaunt! Metalwings aus Bulgarien spielen Symphonic Metal und haben bald endlich das Debüt in den Startlöchern. Was die Qualität ihrer Musik angeht, gibt es eigentlich keinerlei Unterschied zu den namhaften Szene-Größen. Ich kontaktierte Frontfrau Stela Atanasova, die mir ausführlich Rede und Antwort stand.

Daniel: Hi Stela! Na, wie geht´s Dir? Bitte erzähl uns doch zunächst, wann und wie es zur Gründung von Metalwings kam!? 

Stela: Hi Daniel! Zunächst mal vielen Dank für dieses Interview und die Gelegenheit, Euch etwas mehr über unsere Band erzählen zu können! Um auf Deine Frage einzugehen: Alles begann im Herbst 2010 in Sofia, als ich mit nach vielen musikalischen Projekten schließlich dazu entschloss, ein neues Projekt zu gründen, wo ich all mein Herzblut reinstecken und mich verwirklichen konnte und einfach nur die Musik machen konnte, die ich schon immer am liebsten machen wollte. Wie so oft in solchen Momenten, helfen Dir dann auch das Schicksal und die richtigen Leute dabei, die Band Schritt für Schritt aufzubauen. Im Laufe der Zeit sind viele Gründungsmitglieder ihren eigenen Weg gegangen, was der Band dabei half, weiter zu wachsen. Denn in schwierigen Momenten merkst Du erst, wie wichtig das ist, wenn man vorankommen und die Mission der Band erfüllen will. Nach und nach kamen also neue Leute hinzu, die meine Freunde wurden, in die Band und machten sie zu dem, was sie jetzt ist. Und ich denke, der Kreis hat sich nun endlich geschlossen, und ich habe endlich die richtigen Leute in der Band, die mit mir an einem Strang ziehen.

Daniel: Hattest Du zuvor schon in anderen Bands gespielt?

Stela: Ja, ich war vorher schon in anderen Bands, aber bei Metalwings fühle ich mich endlich zu Hause! 🙂

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