When the band first started what were your expectations for the project and did it turn out the way you thought?

I don’t think we had any specific expectations in the very first steps of the band. The band was founded to make original music. We have not set specific goals, deadlines and we have not focused on how to become known more quickly. In general, we were idealists. Over time, it turned out that not everyone thought like me and our paths parted with most of the formed members. I’m still an idealist, but unfortunately I already know that the music business world is not what I thought. It is much more cruel. Also, I think we have achieved much more than we had dreamed of. Our name is already known. Many people around the world like our music. We don’t have as much concert activity as we want, at least for now, but it’s a matter of time and right people. We are now much ahead of what we had imagined at the beginning. We don’t make music for money or fame. I will never stop repeating it. We make music because it is our life and our calling.

What makes Metalwings unique?

Each band is unique in itself, because the spirit of the band is determined not only by the music being made, but also by the energy of each of its members. That is why we are unique with each of the members who contribute to the sound and distinctive features of our band.

We are unique because we were able to make a break into a business that does not tolerate independent bands. We have succeeded, even though we are from a small country that big labels are not interested to invest in. Despite everything we have gone through, we are here, much stronger and more united. We look ahead and think only of our upcoming album which will change the world of symphonic metal.

Could you tell us a bit about your creative process from musical and lyrical standpoint?

The process of creating each song is different. Sometimes I create the lyric first and then the music to it or vice versa. Each song carries its own life and imprint. Tells a story, leaves memories. I would never allow myself the luxury of creating songs that say nothing and carry no message except to fill in the blanks in an album. I pay due attention and respect to each song because music is not a dice game. Music is the language of time. If you ignore this, no one will remember you.

It’s not easy to compose. If one claims that the process of composing or writing lyrics is something very easy, then there is more to learn. It’s hard, but it’s the best thing a person can do. It is a creation and a gift that you need to develop every day and not take for granted. I make my music with love and attention to every detail. Sometimes I get the feeling that I give myself so much into the music that I won’t have the strength to go to the surface afterwards. And when you reach the edge and know that you have no power left to go on, you suddenly feel that there is no other way but the one you are heading for. As exhausted as I am after the creation of a song, in just a few days, with much more force I begin to compose the next. It is a process of destruction and creation. It’s like burning and being reborn.

What lead you to become metal singer? Has it always been a dream of yours?

I always wanted to and knew I would become a singer. As I studied opera singing, I realized that this was not my scene and I did not invest the time to pursue a career in this area. Being a metal singer is fate. You can’t escape your destiny.

What is the hardest thing that you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

I have a hard time when some member of the band leaves. No matter what is the reasons for this happen, I always looked for the guilt first in myself. It took me a long time to understand that people were just coming and going. Everyone follows its own path and destiny. No one is here forever, neither is irreplaceable. After all, this band is my dream. Some of the people who left the band simply did not want to pursue other people’s dreams.Each obstacle is a new opportunity. I overcome what has happened and find musicians who know what they want and what they are ready to accomplish. I am grateful for the difficult moments, betrayals and lessons because they have brought me to where we are now. We are preparing a new album, which will be something that has not been created so far. We have a lot of fun and we get along perfectly. More than ever we are motivated to break the status quo and give the world a real symphonic metal album.

Do you have a plan recording new album? or tour in Europe?

Yes, that’s the plan. We are currently working hard on our next album. We hope to enter the studio in the summer of 2020 to record it. After that we will do our best to make a promotional tour in Europe.

Is there anything you’d like to say to the fans before we wrap things up?

Thank you for the support and strength you give us. Without you we will only be a whisper in the darkness.

Read the full interview following the link. The interview with Stela is on page 15:


Stela Atanasova: We’ve mixed all our emotions in every song of the album “For All Beyond” with a lot of work, a lot of listening and smoothing out every detail. The secret is to find the balance. As a friend of mine said, there is everything in each of your songs – there is joy and sadness, there is tenderness and power. Like a bouquet of spring flowers”.

In recent years, our focus has shifted because of social platforms and technologies. We have bad news all the time, governments around the world are acting crazy, the music is full of aggression. We need more light and a breathe of air from all this invasion. We need the tenderness and kindness that we have buried deep within ourselves.

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Quando já nada fazia supor que do metal sinfónico surgissem surpresas, elas surgiram em… Sofia, Bulgária. Stela Atasanova lidera um coletivo – os Metalwings – senhores de uma capacidade invulgar de criar hinos de verdadeiro e genuíno metal sinfónico. E não é apenas pelo recurso a uma viola elétrica ou a uma flauta irlandesa. É todo o conceito e sentido de composição que está inerente ao coletivo. For All Beyond é o mais recente disco da banda búlgara e o motivo que nos levou a conversar com a líder Stela.

Olá Stela, tudo bem? Obrigado pela tua disponibilidade. Podes apresentar os Metalwings aos metalheads portugueses?

Olá e obrigado pela oportunidade de apresentar a nossa banda aos teus leitores. Somos os Metalwings e fazemos metal sinfónico. A banda formou-se em 2010, em Sofia, Bulgária. Até agora já lançamos um EP, Fallen Angel In The Hell, e um álbum de estúdio, For All Beyond. Para muitos fãs deste estilo de música, talvez o nome de uma das nossas músicas, Crying Of The Sun, seja familiar. Além disso, temos mais dois vídeos oficiais, para Fallen Angel In The Hell e For All Beyond. Elemento interessante que traz um som diferente à nossa música é o som da viola elétrica e flauta irlandesa que usamos muitas vezes. Mas terão uma melhor ideia de nós, quando ouvirem a nossa música. Ela fala por si.

E tiveram a oportunidade de trabalhar com uma orquestra real. Como foi a experiência? Será para repetir?

Esse momento só pode ser descrito por uma palavra – felicidade. Gravar For All Beyond com uma orquestra real foi um sonho que se tornou realidade. O momento foi muito emocional e forte para todos nós. Gostaria que este fosse o futuro da nossa banda. Vamos ter a oportunidade de gravar toda a nossa música com uma orquestra. Este é o presente mais bonito que podemos dar a nós próprios e aos nossos fãs.

Há também uma música em búlgaro. É uma música pensada para os vossos fãs locais?

Escrevi essa música quando ouvi uma história real com um final triste. Teve que ser cantada em búlgaro. E é para todos os nossos fãs. Muitos dos nossos fãs estrangeiros adoram esta música. Na Bulgária também se tornou uma canção de uma causa – Diabetes without fear

Têm alguma tour prevista para promover For All Beyond?

Na verdade, sim. Dentro de duas semanas, teremos uma mini-tournée na Europa, que incluirá a Áustria, Roménia e Bulgária. Iremos juntar-nos a parte da tour europeia dos Imperial Age, que estão, precisamente em Portugal, neste momento.

Muito obrigado, Stela! Queres acrescentar mais alguma coisa?

Muito obrigado. Adoro Portugal e espero, muito em breve, ter a oportunidade de tocar aí. Muitas saudações da Bulgária para todos os nossos fãs em Portugal!

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Beste Metalwings, we willen jullie feliciteren met jullie nieuweling ‘For All Beyond’. Echt een verfrissend album. Metalwings staat nog aan het begin van een carrière, kan je daarom jezelf even kort voorstellen ?
Dank voor de positieve review op ons album, dat is altijd zeer fijn te lezen! We geven je graag een korte historiek van Metalwings. De band werd opgericht in Sofia, de hoofdstad van Bulgarije door Stella Atanasova, ergens in de herfst van 2010. De opzet was om inspirerende symphonic/gothic metal te brengen. Dit is dan ook de stijl die Stella erg bevalt: het combineert schoonheid met klassieke muziek en de kracht van metal. Zonder namen te noemen, vinden we dan ook inspiratie in bands die werk maken van gelaagde muziek, met complexere structuren, stevige orkestraties, fabuleuze teksten, interessante gitaar riffs en afwisselend drumwerk.
Doorheen de jaren zijn er wat line-up-wissels geweest. Alleen Stella (zang) en Angel (Keyboards) waren er van in het begin bij. Dat is enigszins jammer. Anderzijds moet je ook vaststellen dat een band een dynamisch gegeven is. Doorheen de tijd veranderen ook mensen en ideeën. Als het voor sommige niet meer werkt, dan is het allicht ook beter om een ander spoor te kiezen. Elke wissel brengt nieuwe mensen mee, en zo ook nieuwe ideeën.

De naam Metalwings lijkt een beetje bijzonder gekozen. In die zin dat ik dat niet zou associëren met het genre metal dat jullie maken. Ik zou dat eerder toeschrijven, genre progressive of power metal?
Dat is een interessante vaststelling, want sommige fans labelen ons als progressive metal. Los daarvan zochten we naar een naam zonder vervaldatum. Niet iets dat fancy klinkt anno 2010, maar zijn charme zou verliezen in 2019. Metalwings is een naam die de mensen bewust zal doen nadenken of in verwarring kan brengen over welke genre we nu precies brengen. Voor ons is het combinatie van twee elementaire zaken: kracht (metal) en zachtheid/schoonheid (wings).

‘For All Beyond’ is julie eerste volwaardige studioalbum. Is het een conceptalbum? Op de cover zien we een oude boom met menselijke gedaantes rond. Of zijn dat zombies?
Het uitgangspunt was niet om conceptalbum te schrijven. Ergens zweeft wel een idee waarop elk lied aantrekkingskracht heeft. Het klinkt allicht melig, de bron van inspiratie is het leven zelf en de manier waarop de mensen vechten voor of streven naar hun eigen geluk. De boom op de cover symboliseert dan ook het leven, omgeven door mensen, familie, voorouders. God zij dank, geen zombies! Beschouw het als een soort projectie van onze zielen die komen en gaan, verzameld rond de boom van het leven. Het gaat om het maken van moeilijke keuzes, soms met verlies tot gevolg. Maar er komt altijd wel een nieuwe dag, een nieuwe streep licht door het gebladerte. Hou moed en volg je dromen.

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There are songs which can change one’s general perceptions of a genre – that it’s loud, soft, sentimental, deep, superficial, or whatever. Many people identify rock and metal with deafening sound. The Bulgarian symphonic metal band Metalwings has a number of songs which can change that perception with their lyrical beauty and innovative approach to both technique and content.  

Their genre is symphonic metal, perhaps an uncommon genre these days, especially to those who associate the term ‘metal’ with names like Black Sabbath and Metallica. As Stela puts it: “Perhaps in recent years there has been a withdrawal of fans from this style in music. Something that makes me sad because there is still a lot of potential in this style and I do not agree that it’s exhausted and that every new band that makes music in this style is doomed because they copy one of the big ones. This is not true. The band’s music is a reflection of the people who make it and, as we know on this earth there are identical people, with the same DNA, way of thinking or algorithm in making music, so for me each band is unique in itself.   

“The fact that the music industry is currently trying to impose new, easily digestible styles for the larger audience – is the real problem of music as a whole, not just for symphonic metal. I never wanted to do cliché music – to follow the rules, to do the kind of music that would be listened to. I prefer to be an outsider, but to stay true to ourselves than to make the kind of music that is sold today. That’s because if this is the motive that leads us along the way, then what will we do tomorrow and which way will we take if we have already lost our right to choose after a few wrong turns in the name of money and fast glory?”  

That is the voice of a dedicated artist. It came as a surprise that small Bulgaria, a former Soviet bloc country (111,000 sq. km., population 7.5 million) could support a vibrant sub-culture of locally created English medium pop. But there’s nothing surprising about this. Nor can English or pop in English over there can be called a sub-culture. It looks pretty much mainstream.  

With Stela Atanasova as song writer, Metalwings are in the front ranks of the truly original contemporary bands. As for the music, one thing you notice about the good rock and metal musicians is that quite a few of them were classically trained, like Stela, before they chose a different path in music. This grounding is noticeable in Metalwings’ keyboard arrangements, with their Bach-like undulations, and in the use of viola and Irish flute, and of course in the vocals, a high flying sonic layer above the instruments.  

Metalwings released their first full length album “For All Beyond” in April this year. 

The music video released in November (like the band’s other videos) focuses on mood-emphasizing imagery, of light and dark, without bowing out to the easily marketable ‘sexy’ storytelling which rules the roost in pop and hiphop.   

As Stela puts it: “Things happen here and now, not yesterday and tomorrow. Time’s job is to pass. Ours is to develop, grow up and improve ourselves in every area of life. There is time for everything if you wish to live through the dream.”  

The band is busy right now preparing for a tour of Vienna and several Romanian cities in March 2019 with the Russian rock group Imperial Age. It looks as if Metalwings are ready to not just take off but soar.   

Written by  Gamini Akmeemana

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Rock Meeting Nº 106: Especial Hellfest Open Air Festival 2018

Julho chegou e com ele o nosso especial Hellfest. A edição nº13 do festival francês contou com grandes ícones do Heavy Metal como Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Nighwish e Europe. Atualmente, o Hellfest é símbolo de sucesso a cada ano e a Rock Meeting mais uma vez marcando presença e trazendo um resumo de como foi essa 13º edição.

Capa: Hellfest 2018

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1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.
I formed the band in the autumn of 2010 in Sofia, with the idea to make original music in the style of symphonic metal. The main themes of our songs are fulfilled with magical, mystical and secret reflections of life and the world in which we live. Over time, my ideas about music have changed with every single new song, actually I’ve been looking for new resources to complement its impact. We all changed with the development of the band – some faster, others slower. I suppose the level of development and the pace with which the band and the music began to change have made it possible for some of the first members of the band to leave. After a few changes in the band, I really think the band is finished now and everyone knows its place, strengths and knows why is in this band. The band is a dynamic system – it is not static and thanks to it – goes forward. If it stops in one place – it will stand and it will become a swamp. The pursuit of change and new things moves our entire world since we exist so that the main driving force in the band is the desire to develop and improve your skills. With such progress, it is difficult to stay at the level you entered the band at the beginning and to consider that it sufficient. The truth is that when you have a band, you have to develop every day and look for ways to get better in every way as a musician.
2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?
Metalwings was perhaps my second or third offer, which I discussed with the band, and in fact we were all agreed that this name best reflects our band’s concept. I wanted the name to combine the most characteristic features of our music, and namely, the combination of metal (something solid and stable) woven into the wings of a bird makes the emotional and direct impact much greater.
3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?
Our band is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The metal scene is changing very dynamically here. For several years here have been organized great and very good metal festivals, great international bands visit them and I think for the famous international bands, the Bulgarian scene is a new and very good place for concerts. Unfortunately, with regard to local bands, the situation is not so pink, because we have no developed industry to support and encourage local bands. Most of the underground bands play here only in local clubs that are not so much, and at best, with more luck or relationships, some of the bands are able to play at one of the big festivals here, but this is rather an exception. It’s not easy for the metal bands here, but I guess this situation is no different in other countries. The symphonic metal style is not so popular here – yes, if Nightwish, Epica or Within Temptation make a concert – they will enjoy a huge audience, but local bands can not boast the same. As for recommending one of the local metal bands – I can say in our music style that a very good impression is made by Ani Lo Project and Enthronement.
4. How would you describe your style?
Our style is defined as a symphonic metal, with opera female fronted vocals. Some of our fans and media define us also as a gothic, power metal. The fact that we use the sound of electric viola and Irish flute also makes our style richer with different instruments, which is very important for this style because it differs from other bands. So our style can boldly be defined as a symphonic metal, with elements of gothic and power metal music.
5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?
So far, we have released in 2016 an EP “Fallen Angel in the Hell” containing four tracks and a bonus track, as well an album this year called “For All Beyond” containing 10 songs and two bonus tracks. Since it is not good to evaluate our own works, I would say that we should trust the reviews we receive for our EP and our album, and they are in most cases really good. What impresses in these reviews about our album is that we stand out in this style of music with a different structure, musical language, various instruments, beautiful vocals and interesting guitar riffs. If you ask me as a songwriter, I can only say that our songs are made with love and each of the songs longs to be heard, to be experienced and to find a way to the heart of everyone who is open to hear the beauty of our music. We do not make commercial and easily digestible music – I would say that our music is more about people who weary for complex, conceptual, classical and romantic music.
6. Do you have any new music in the works?
Yes, of course. Even now I’m composing a new song that’s totally different as a concept because I’m betting on the classic and symphonic element in it. Almost as soon as we released our album “For All Beyond” this April, we began to work on our new songs because we wanted to enter the studio as soon as possible.
7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?
At this stage we play in Bulgaria and we work with our promoter and booking agent Markus Eck (MetalMessage) to make a European tour very soon.
8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?
Our plans are to continue working, as we have done so far. Playing, recordings, albums, music videos and hopefully very soon a tour outside the borders of Bulgaria.
9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?
You can hear our stuff on our YouTube channel and on our BandCamp page. You can buy our stuff on all platforms that offer digital music sales like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and so on.
10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?
Maybe I would like to hear how much beauty and power can hide in the soul of a single song created with love and hope. I will be glad if this song touches his heart and he wants to hear more. I will be happy if he finds out that we are Bulgarians and do our best in Music for the people who are ready to hear it.

The band plays Symphonic metal and hás a lot to show. With personality, courage and humbleness, Metalwings trails the path through the scene. With their debut “For All Beyond” the band has earned really good reviews in the metal media.

GroundCast: To warm up, could you tell us a bit of the bands journey so far?

Stela Atanasova:Hi and thank you very much for this interview. Our bands journey so far has been eight years and it was really quite varied and dynamic. On the one hand, 8 years look great, but in fact time is going fast when you have fun. And for me, the band has always been an escape and salvation from reality. We have gone a long way since the beginning, which was quite difficult because the style of symphonic metal is not among the most popular in Bulgaria. It turned out that our song Crying of the Sun has become our ambassador to the world. From this point on, things started to happen to us. Especially because people understood about us, they liked our music and every day we get wonderful messages from all over the world. This reflects our work and efforts. Until this moment, besides the success of our video for Crying of the Sun, we managed to release one EP Fallen Angel in the Helland our debut albumFor All Beyond. We are pleased with what we have been able to do with our own efforts and above all to release a world-class album.

GroundCast: In April you released the full-length For All Beyond. How was the acceptance of the material in the media?

SA: I would say – very good. So far, our album has received many good reviews. In this connection, I would also like to thank to our promoter Markus Eck (MetalMessage), who gave us a lot of confidence. I think the album will still be enjoying media attention and I sincerely hope to be judged worthy of which I have no doubt.

GroundCast: The band exists since 2010, but only now you were able to release a full album, could you talk a bit about the production, composition process and why it took eight years to see the daylight?

SA: I never wanted to make an album at all costs. It’s important for me to release an album when you have something to say to people, not just to pop the market with the next album, just to boast how many albums we have released. For me quality is the most important thing – not  the quantity. It is also very important that when we release an album not to make one great song, while others are just for stuffing. I wanted to make an album in which all the songs to be great – to be hard to decide which one is your favorite. That’s why the release of the album was delayed. Besides, albums have to be released with people who are able to convey the music in the best way. And as you know, we do not suffer from a lack of new members. In my opinion, the album came at the most appropriate time for the band.

GroundCast: After 8 years of existence, how do you see the band now, what do you believe that evolved in Metalwings?

SA: The thing that evolvedin the band is our conviction that we have to fight and not give up. If, four or five years ago, I thought that if a member of the band went away, that would be a big problem, now I think this is just another opportunity for us to find a better musician and a person for the band. In time I realized that the most important thing is how much you are willing to give in the name of what you believe. As well as in what kind of person you become after you have suffered a defeat or loss. We can all talk about how great we are and what we are ready for in the name of something, but the real people are those who struggle to fall, and especially those who do not betray their faith when it becomes difficult. In our band, we changed the way we take things – we have suffered many blows, betrayal, and surely we will still get many more, but I know that after a heavy storm the sun always rises. And our sun is yet to rise above our band. 

GroundCast: We live in the internet era and nowadays is not common to buy CDs anymore. Lots of bands complain about the music sharing and how it damages the industry. What is your opinion about it?

SA: I think that music belongs to the people. After all – we do the music for them, not to keep it under the bed and to count the cents we have won. I think the music industry can not exist without sharing music. Very often our fans tell us that they have discovered our songs uploaded in different torrents for free to download. I think that if someone has bothered to upload our album there, then our music is looking for, and this is evident from the number of downloads. We may lose some money, but we will win new fans. And who really liked our music and wanted to support us, it could always order our album. Not everything is money in this world. Probably many people will not agree with me, but that’s their opinion. My opinion is that music belongs to the people. That the industry, the Internet, and the laws say you have to buy to have it means that people who want, but can not afford it, have not the right to listen to the music of the bands they love? Does that mean that music belongs only to those who can afford it? I do not accept such claims. I know there must be rules and that, thanks to the sale of albums, the bands exist, as well as the whole music industry behind them, but what’s so bad if someone downloads your album for free? Will you become poorer or less wealthy? Im pretty sure that the truth is somewhere else. I think there have always been and will be more wealthy people who can afford to support the bands by buying their albums, merchandise, tickets for concerts and so on. There will always be an industry that will win on the back of these bands. But there will always be some people who can not afford to buy your albums but thanks to their true love you exist. A band will not disappear if not all of the fans buy its albums – it will stop exist if forgott about its fans.

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Interview By: Metal Mom

1. The band formed back in 2010, what made you decide that was the right time to form a band?

When I formed the band, I did not think whether it was the right time. Making a decision to create a band is not that difficult. The hard part comes when you have to save your band and not give up. Many people came and left the band. Only the people who are truly devoted remain in it.

2. You have had some band member changes over the years, so tell us how each of your members came to be in Metalwings:

Stela Atanasova – Lead Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys: I formed the band in 2010 and I have been leading it for 8 years;

Grigor Kostadinov – Guitars: He joined us in the winter of 2014 after Boyan Boyadzhiev’s – the second guitarist of the band decided to go to another project;

Krastyo Jordanov – Guitars, Irish Flute: Krastyo joined the band in late 2015 after we announced that we were looking for a second guitarist. We decided at that moment that the band needs a heavier sound and I was very glad when he contacted us because he already had another project called Dracovallis and our sense of music was very similar;

Milen Mavrov – Bass: Milen is the newest member of our band. He joined the band at the beginning of this year after the first bass player Konstantin Uzunov decided to left. Now we are all very happy that Milen joined the band;

Angel Kitanov – Keyboards:
 Angel is one of the first members of the band. If you look at our official video “Crying of the Sun” you’ll see that only me and Angel are part of the lineup of that time;

Nikola Ivanov (Blackie) – drums:
 Blackie joined the band in the Summer of 2016. Without a good and dedicated drummer things can quickly go wrong. He brought very good energy and dynamics to the band.

3. The music genre for the band is Symphonic Metal, why did you choose this over others? 

This is the style of music that unites all my searches as a musician and satisfies all my musical senses. It combines both great power and as well unbelievable beauty and romance. I think this is one of the most magnificent styles in modern music that is yet to develop and attracts many new fans.

4. You released a new album titled “For All Beyond”, tell us what we can expect from this album compared to previous debut “Fallen Angel in the Hell”? 

What you can expect and will surely hear from our album “For All Beyond” is the beauty of each song, much heavier guitars, more dynamic drums, many beautiful melodic lines and orchestral parts and great duets between me and Max Morton, who performed the male vocal parts in some of the songs.

5. Who composes all the songs? 

I am the composer of all the songs, all the lyrics to them, as well as all the orchestral arrangements.

6. Where does the inspiration come from to write? 

Inspiration can be found everywhere around us. If you do not want or you are not able to see the beauty of a flying butterfly, you can not expect the inspiration to get you when you are ready. I have always admired the beauty of life that surrounds us – as long as we have a desire to see it. I find inspiration in the sadness also, because often the joy and sorrow go hand in hand. There is no eternal happiness, and eternal sorrow. So, it’s up to you to find an inspiration every day.

7. Do find a certain time of the day/night is better for writing? 

Yes, I like to work in the evening but not too late. The perfect time for me to compose is late afternoon and evening.

8. Do you personally have a favourite song on the album? If so, why that one. 

I have a special relationship with each of the song. Of course, all of them are my favorites, but among all of them stands out the titled song “For All Beyond”. I feel it like that because it combines both a sadness and a strength. The duet at the beginning of the song between me and Max literally is breathtaking. The orchestral parts in the song are performed by a live orchestra, which further enhances the influence and power of the song. After the gentle and romantic duet, the powerful force of the orchestra and the whole band enters – the energy of the song changes. From melancholy and gentle it becomes a hurricane. On the very end of the song, again everything is quiet and finds its perfect harmony. That’s why this song is so special to me.

9. You started to record your 2nd album in August 2017, was that an easy process, or were there difficulties?

The recordings lasted for nearly two months and the hard part was not in the records themselves but in the details. We wanted to record the tracks in the best possible way and it took a little more time, but the most important thing is that at the end we were really pleased with the material we sent to our mixing engineer. Post production was not easy too and it took about six months. I’m once again convinced that mixing a symphonic metal is a very difficult task. For us, it is very important to emphasize the power of the orchestra tracks combined with vocals, drums, two guitars, bass, piano and viola. This task is not for everyone, but here is the time to express my gratitude and respect to Max Morton, who did an incredible job and made our songs sound world class. We are really pleased with the sound of our album – it was important to produce a quality album with very good songs and great sound and we did it.

10. Where was the album recorded, mixed and produced?

The album was recorded by Alexander Nakov at studio “Na Vilata” and mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio. All orchestral tracks as well as the piano tracks were recorded by myself in my personal studio. Sofia Session Orchestra was recorded at Sofia Session Studio.

11. Being together since 2010, is there anything you regret, or this is definitely the life for you?

The only thing I regret is that during these 8 years I was too patient and good, and for that reason I lost valuable time in which I could find more suitable people for the band. I couldn’t split up on time. When you know that a person or a musician is not right for you and your cause, you have to be able to split up and move on. But probably it must have happened that way and, as we say, every evil for good!

12. If you couldn’t be doing music, what do you think you would be doing instead?

Probably I’ll live near the ocean, watching the waves and dreaming about the day I can make music again.

13. Who inspires you musically?

I love to listen to the music of many composers and many bands. But what truly touches my heart is Music of Mozart, Vangelis, Queen and Thomas Bergersen.

14. When you were growing up, what age was it that you decided you wanted the band life?

I can not say the exact age, but from a very small age, while I was studying at the music school, I dreamed to be more than just playing an orchestra all day. I was a rebel in my sould, but a great perfectionist and I wanted to be the best in everything – playing, education. This perfection prevented me from doing what I really want and it took me a long time to balance these two opposing features and to use them both to follow my dream.

15. Tell us something about Metalwings, that we might not know…

At this stage, perhaps the most interesting thing to know about Metalwings is that I have already composed the music and wrote the lyrics for two more albums. So, get ready for us!

Is there anything you would like to add to this interview that we should know?

I would like to say: Thank you to all our fans who support us and like our Music. It really means a lot to us!  Respect!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us, we greatly appreciate it.

Hallo, wie geht es Euch?                                                                                                    

Mir und dem Rest der Band geht es gut. Wir bereiten uns auf den großen Tag vor – den 19. April. Es ist immer sehr spannend, wenn man etwas Neues zeigt, in das man so viel Mühe, Zeit und einen Teil von sich selbst investiert hat. Wir freuen uns, der Welt unser neues Album zu zeigen, und wir freuen uns auf die Reaktionen unserer Fans. Hoffentlich sind sie genauso aufgeregt wie wir.

Ihr macht Classic Symphonic Metal, aber was ist das einzigartige und spezielle an Eurer Musik?

Unsere Musik ist besonders, weil es eine interessante Kombination aus sanften weiblichen Vocals und schweren Gitarrenriffs ist, schönen Orchestrierungen und dem unterschiedlichen Klang der Instrumente, die wir verwenden, sowie die elektrische Bratsche und irische Flöte.

Wir haben keine Angst zu experimentieren, verschiedene Stile in einem Song zu verwenden, und ein anderes Tempo. Wir lieben die innovativen Dinge und streben danach, dass jedes neue Lied etwas Neues bringt, das seine Wirkung verstärkt. Jede Band sollte meiner Meinung nach unterschiedliche Wege, Ausdrucksmittel und Werkzeuge entwickeln und anstreben.

Dies würde nur die Musik bereichern und die Grundidee unterstützen. Deshalb ist es schwer für uns zu sagen, dass wir nur eine klassische Symphonic Metal-Band sind. Wir haben keine Angst, verschiedene Genres und Stile zu mischen, und in einige unserer Songs typische bulgarische Folklore zu implizieren. Irgendwann würde ich gerne ein Lied mit einem authentischen bulgarischen Instrument wie einem Dudelsack oder einem Kaval (Flöte) machen.

Jede Band ist auf ihre Weise einzigartig, und sollte neue Wege entdecken und suchen, um sich durch Ihre Musik auszudrücken. So ist für mich jede Band wichtig und besonders, wenn sie sich entwickelt und zur Musik der Welt beiträgt. Wenn der Tag kommt, wo wir sagen – wir sind perfekt und es gibt keinen Weg weiter, dann ist es der Anfang vom Ende. Musik ist ein Weg, der sich durch unser Leben zieht, und um ihr zu folgen, müssen wir uns anpassen, entwickeln und verändern, so gut wir können.

Euer neues Album “For All Beyond” – welcher Song ist für Euch persönlich am großartigsten?

Der großartigste Song unseres neuen Albums ist für mich der selbstbetitelte Song “For All Beyond”, denn er bringt viel Reinheit, Musik und Schönheit. Es gibt viele versteckte Diamanten, die man bei jedem neuen Hören findet. Außerdem werden die Orchesterparts in dem Lied von einem Live-Orchester aufgeführt, was die Energie dieses Liedes noch größer und einflussreicher macht. Aber natürlich liebe ich jeden Song auf dem Album und wenn “For All Beyond” für mich die ganze Schönheit, den Ausdruck und die Botschaften kombiniert, die ein Song ausdrücken kann, sind die restlichen Songs auch versteckte Schätze. Es gibt viele schöne Hooklines, Dynamik und kraftvolle Riffs. Einer der Songs, von dem ich denke, dass er auch unsere Fans anspricht, ist wahrscheinlich “A Wish”, weil er viele verschiedene Elemente in sich vereint und gleichzeitig sehr lyrisch ist und die Menschen berührt.

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