What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?
Stela Atanasova
: I believe that some of the biggest labels know for Metalwings already. We’ve managed to draw attention to over 11 million musical fans on YouTube with our song “Crying of the Sun” without any support from labels and promoters. So I think that they should be interested by our band because people from all over the world like our Music and want to hear us live. We bring the world a piece of forgotten beauty.

What plans do you have for the near future as a band?
Stela Atanasova
: In the end of March 2018 we have plans to release our full length album called “For all beyond”. In this album we’ll present 9 masterly composed songs, including one acoustic song in Bulgarian language. The album will also include the song Fallen Angel in the Hell as a bonus track in a new arrangement; Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental version) and For All Beyond (Instrumental version).  The male vocals parts in the album For All Beyond will be performed by Max Morton. The album will be mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio.

Why should a metalhead buy your demos/albums?
Nikola Ivanov (Blackie)
: A metalhead should have our album because our songs combine lots of the elements of symphonic metal music and not only. Every our song is so different and unique and gives to your senses all the aspects of Music that you need to hear.

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Stela Atanasova: First of all, a perfect song has to combine lots of structural elements. It has to use beautiful vocal lines, complex harmony structure, unusual chords sequence, mystic lyrics, lots of backing vocals, different parts with tempo changes and changes in measures, interesting guitar riffs and complex drums. The perfect song to me is the one which makes you cry and laugh at the same time – it has to touch your heart and fill your sensitivity with all the desirable aspects of the human soul.

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Какво е посланието, което искате да носи музиката ви – определено присъствието на такива инструменти в нея я прави по-дълбока?

Музиката е езикът на времето. Една красива песен остава завинаги. Искаме музиката ни да кара хората да се чувстват щастливи и значими. Да се борят за мечтите си. Посланието се определя от всеки един човек, чието сърце бива докоснато от музиката ни. Щом сме успели да спечелим сърцето на този човек, това означава, че музиката ни има време.

Благодарим на Емил Томов за интервюто, което направи със Стела за платформата “Младите успели българи”


Koгaтo зa пъpви път чyx cъвceм cлyчaйнo пъpвaтa им издaдeнa пeceн Сrуіng оf thе ѕun, изoбщo и нe пoдoзиpax, чe зaд пpeĸpacния aнгeлcĸи глac нa фoнa нa cимфoничния poĸ, oтнacящ тe диpeĸтнo ĸъм гoтиĸaтa нa cpeднитe вeĸoвe, ce ĸpиe бългapcĸaтa гpyпa МЕТАLWІNGЅ. Eдинcтвeнoтo, ĸoeтo мe opиeнтиpa oт ĸoя нapoднocт e poĸ/мeтъл бaндaтa, бeшe мecтнocттa ĸъдeтo бe cнимaн ĸлипът ĸъм пeceнтa – eмблeмaтичнитe Бeлoгpaдчишĸи cĸaли. Πeceнтa гpaбвa oщe в пъpвитe ceĸyнди cъc cвoятa зaгaдъчнocт, пpeĸpacния глac нa Cтeлa Aтaнacoвa, въздeйcтвaщия пpипeв, изпълнeн oт Beлиcлaв Узyнoв и нeпoвтopимaтa eпичнa мeлoдия.

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